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Plugbox 1.0

Plugbox is a featured filled ad-free plugboard script that takes literally seconds to install and is very easy to use. Plugbox 1.0 features a convenient admin panel which allows you to quickly delete unwanted plugs and ban ip addresses if needed. Most plugboard scripts today do not have this feature. You can also select any size button you wish just by going to the admin panel and choosing the size you need. Standard sizes are 88 x 31, 80 x 15, and 468 x 60, but you can choose any size you like. The main features of Plugbox 1.0 include IP banning, flood control, click counting, easy plug editing, a customizable error template, and as mentioned, a full featured admin panel. This script does not require a MySql database, which makes for very easy installation. Also, unlike most plugboard scripts out there, this one is ad free!!! Another feature I like is that on mouseover, the amount of clicks is displayed. The script is offered here (in it's present form) with written permission from Danny, the author.

Download Plugbox 1.0 here. (105446 downloads since April 1, 2006).

(105446 downloads since April 1, 2006).

Installation instructions (thanks Danny):

1. Create a new folder on your web server (called 'plugbox' for example) and upload all of the installation files into it.

2. CHMOD the following files accordingly:

banned.txt - chmod 666
config.php - chmod 666
plugs.txt - chmod 666

3. Log into the admin panel ( using the default username: 'zavion' and password: 'aniyah' without the quotes.

4. IMPORTANT!! Go to the 'Edit Options ' tab in the admin panel and change your username and password.

NOTE: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

5. Enjoy your new plugboard!

To have your plugboard appear on your website, include it via HTML Iframe or PHP include.

Iframe Inclusion:

<iframe src="" width="350" height="150" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Replace the '' in the url with your domain name and the name of the folder you created in step one of the installation process.

Php Inclusion:

Note: The page that you use the following code on must have a php extension.

<?php include('SERVER-PATH-GOES-HERE/plug.php'); ?>

Replace the 'SERVER-PATH-GOES-HERE' with the server path to the plugbox.php file.

To change the form values, such as the length of the input boxes, edit plug.php, the form is at the bottom of that document. You can change the colors of the input areas by including a style sheet in index.php.

Have you've tried to install this and for whatever reason can't? Or you can't use php on your server? Try They offer a free remotely hosted board free of advertising except for one small button in the lower right hand corner of your plugboard. Good luck!


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