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How do I make snow fall on my Web page?
How do I make snow fall UP on my Web page?
How do I make a trailing cursor with text?

Please realize that not all of these scripts are cross browser. Some of them are IE only. If you can't see the demo, the script does not work in your browser.

How do I make snow fall on my Web site?   (IE only) You can make snow (or any other image like leaves or hearts) fall on your screen by adding the following downloadable code right after the <body> tag on your site (this script is provided here with permission from the author):


Download Snowflake Instructions

You also need to download this snowflake, and upload it to your server:


You can use hearts, stars, snowflakes, leaves, whatever you would like. I have some images (user name=abc password=123) on my page that you can use, if you decide to use them please link back to me =) If you use an image other than the snowflake, you will need to replace the gif filename in the above code. It's a little tricky to find, but it is located on the 9th line of the above code. Replace the word "snow" with the name of your new gif.

Here is another, cross browser snowflake script from Peter Gehrig. This script does not require any images, and works on all browsers:


Download Cross Browser Snowflake Instructions


How do I make snow fall UP on my Web page?   (IE only) I had a lot of people ask me if I had a script that would let objects go UP instead of down, so I altered Altan's script and came up with this, I think it's awesome!!! Some good ideas for objects would be balloons, bubbles, butterflies, birds, kites etc. You can use 3 images, or more or less if you want, just change the image names in line 10, 11, and 12:


Download Bubble Instructions


How do I make a trailing cursor with text?   (IE only) This is a REALLY awesome script that makes any word, phrase or sentence you pick follow your cursor. You can even pick which font and font color you would like. Add this tag in your head tag, making sure you substitute your message and your font name and color (this script is used here with written permission of the author (Peter Gehrig--visit his page, he has lots of cool scripts!!):


Download Trailing Cursor Instructions


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