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How do I add music to my Web site?
How do I add downloads to my page?

How do I add Music to my Web site?   This is another question I am asked a lot!!

The very easiest way to play a music file is to link to it directly like this (of course your midi, mp3, or other sound file has to be uploaded to your server):

<a href="yourfilename.yourfileextension">Click here to play music</a>

You can also use an image instead of a text link:

music sample

<embed src="yourfilename.mp3" autostart="true" loop="true" width="0" height="0"> </embed> <noembed> <bgsound src="yourfilename.mp3" loop="infinite"> </noembed>

You can also have background music AND a wav play at the same time.

To do this, just add this code, with your stuff substituted, along with the above code:

<embed src="yourwavname.wav" autostart="true" hidden="true">

A few things you need to remember when adding music to your site. All of your visitors are going to be using different software to play music files. Your music won't be rendered the same on every browser using the above methods. Also, music can be very annoying to your visitors and it may make them leave your site.


How do I add downloads to my page?   Adding downloads is easy. You just upload the file to your server, the one you want people to download, and create a link to it like this:

<a href="your file name.whatever"> download here </a>


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