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How do I redirect my visitors?
How do I make thumbnails?
How do I show HTML codes on my page?

How do I redirect my visitors?   When you move to another server, it's nice to leave a page with a redirect script so that your visitors can find your new page. This script uses meta tags to redirect your visitor to your page without having to click on a link. If you set the refresh rate to "0," people will be automatically transported to your new URL. If you would like the redirect time to take longer, in case you want to leave a message for your visitors to read, you can experiment with changing the refresh rate to a higher number. The refresh rate is measured in seconds, so if you put "5" in the code, it will redirect your visitor in 5 seconds. Here is the script, you put it in the head tag, between <head> and </head>:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=your new address.html">

If you have your own domain, you should consider using an .htaccess redirect instead.


How do I make thumbnails?   A thumbnail is usually a small photo that links to a larger photo. Thumbnails are used so that you can fit many small photos on one page, but if someone would like to see one of your photos in a larger format, they can click on the photo and be brought to a page with a much larger version of the small photo. There are 3 different ways to do this:


How do I make HTML codes show on my page?   If you want to show examples of HTML on your Web page, you can use the following:

&lt;  =  <
&gt;  =  >


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